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This genealogy website features the ancestors and descendants of Heinrich "Henry" Ohlhausen and Nathalia Koenig who were married 5 March 1917 in Crossfield Alberta, Canada. Both families fall into the North American classification of "Germans from Russia".

Ohlhausen families in Canada today can trace their lineage back to Russia and their ancestor Ferdinand Ohlhausen, as most of the families of 3 (Anton, Michael, Wilhelm) of his 5 sons emigrated from Russia to Canada.

Two sons Jakob and Friedrich immigrated to Germany during WWII and their descendants can be found mostly in Germany.

The only daughter Maria, immigrated to Austria and her descendants Pohl can be found mostly in Austria.



Descendants of:

Ohlhausen - Ferdinand Ohlhausen 1820-1896

Koenig - Jacob Koenig

Wonnenberg - Heinrich Ferdinand Wonnenberg 1785-1838

Bauch - Andreas I Bauch 1772-1847

Gill - Christian I Gill 1772-1854

Littau - Johann Sr. Littau 1765-after 1842

Jans - Gottlieb I Jans + wife Karolina Stumpp

Tetzlaff - Kornelius Tetzlaff + wife Helina Kranich

Jerke - Gottlieb Jerke 1804 - 1848

Banek - Christoff Banek 1770-1818

Pohl - Christian Pohl Sr. 1861-1942

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