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After the Russo-Turkish war, 1806-1812, an area of Turkey was ceded to Russia and this area was organized and governed as Bessarabia, Russia. In 1917 in the wake of the Russian Revolution, the area declared itself as the Moldavian Democratic Republic. After WWI (1918) the area was occupied and administered by the Kingdom of Romania. In 1940 Russia convinced Romania to withdraw its troops, allowing the Red Army to retake the region. In 1941 Romania recaptured the area but in 1947 the Soviet-Romanian border was set along the Prut River in a treaty after WWII, which moved Bessarabia back to Russian control. During the process of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, both Moldova and Ukraine proclaimed independence in 1991.

Listed below is everyone in this Site who was Born in a German Village in Bessarabia




Up to and including the early 19th Century the South Caucasus and part of the North Caucasus all formed part of the Persian Empire. In 1813 and 1828 the treaties of Gulistan and Turkmenchany, the Persians were forced to cede the South Caucasus and Dagestan of the North to Imperial Russia. Russian conquered and annexed the rest of Northern Caucasus during the Caucasus Wars (1817-1864) with Persia. Germany tried to capture the Caucasus area in 1942 to get control of the oil production at Baku now in Azerbaijan. But the Russians defeated the Germans in the Battle of Stalingrad, 1943. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia became independent nations and the rest of the Caucasus area remains part of Russia.

Listed below is everyone in this Site who was born in a German Village in the Caucasus Area of Russia.


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